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View our range of CBD products in different “mg” Strengths to suit all needs. Buying CBD from Mounthemp you are sure to get Quality CBD that is, Trusted & Independently Tested by Third Parties Laboratories Analysis by phytovista labs. This guaranties and proves what’s in our bottles and contents. Products are manufactured in, accredited IOS food standard environment.

Finding the right CBD shop is never an easy choice, Now you have found the best Range of oil’s in the UK, Fully Packed CBD Oil. British Manufactured Product.

This Product is ready to go and will get to work for all your needs. At Mounthemp we pride ourselves in quality and transparency, But equally we are here to help you, our customers as much as we can.

Now accessible in the market and around the world, due to changes in the law. In the UK CBD Oil products hav Save e to be below 0.2% THC content to be legally sold. Just to address that 0.2% it does not deliver any psychoactive effect, meaning CBD oil doesn’t make you high, addicted or dependent. Hemp is an interesting unique plant that has been here for some time and has lots of different uses and benefits to offer us and the planet. We will cover more on these topic’s in are Blog’s for a more full in depth scope and the differences.

Does CBD Work

Does CBD work? Yes it does. CBD is no fad, or fairy-tale. You only have to search on google to see the health benefits it endures. Are advices is to always buy CBD oil products from reputable stores online or shops. Reason for this, it stops a lot of outlandish claims and getting a genuine product with constant support and help.

At Mounthemp we only source the best quality Full-Spectrum CBD extract from reputable supply chain to bring to market. We are Proud of our products and the natural relief it can help with for all ages 18+.

Best Method for “mg” Strength

If not well experienced with CBD oil, the best advice is to start on a lower “mg” and see how that works and sits with you. If you need to increase your “mg” do so by moving up to the next strength and so on until you find your optimum point. Body and Build size can play a big part in your “mg” choice and needs.

Which Product to Choose

All our products work amazingly, but the ultimate choice is down to you and what suits you the best. Our little bit of advice is, if you are looking for a faster acting CBD say for example?

Vapes are brilliant at this, due to bypassing the digestive system, but equally Tinctures may take a little long to absorb, but the effects last longer and offer stronger “mg” support. Also Tinctures can be mixed with food & ice cream or hot and cold beverages if this is your preferred method. Or simple just straight out the bottle orally.

As you can see each method or application is pure choice. whether on the go for convenience, or maybe experimenting with food and drink. Vapes and Sprays are the convenient king if you are on the move a lot, with the easy application method. Sprays are also great for after Gym workouts. Maintaining good health and Gym goals. Each product will sever you well and deliver CBD, the option is up to you.


If you want more information or questions always feel free to reach out to us, check are Blogs page and the FAQ’s page. As we update these often to help give support and advice.

Hopefully this answer some of those questions. If any questions cannot be answered. Please contact us, we are happy to help you.

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